15mm WW2 british - platoon para 39 figures - inf (24392)
15mm scifi human - mercenaries 20 figures - inf (23819)
FF ent Fiend Factory Citadel Games Workshop pre-slotta Klinty Mcdeath scenario-
15mm medieval english - heavy 12 figures - cav (27968)
French AMX-30 Roland Surface-to-air missile battery (4 models) in 15mm or 1 100
15mm WW2 italian - 2 guns & tows - art (24373)

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Ruined Hamlet Farmhouse Terrain Bolt Action Warlord Games 28mm SD Wearing a blue kurta and donning a moustache, Akshay is a treat to watch for his fans in the video.

Living Puppets Hand puppet 65 cm W183 Josefine oorjzm1875-Puppets

Basic Roleplaying The Chaosium Roleplaying System
25mm classical greek - mixed (as photo) - inf (26296)
15mm medieval asiatic - 18 Heavy Cavalry - cav (A993)

15mm napoleonic french - scouts & couriers 13 figures - cav (26307)

The most beautiful part of Kota Factory is that it talks more about the solutions and less about the problems.
25mm napoleonic prussian - infantry 18 figs - inf (16944)
15mm ACW union - regt. 30 figures - inf (22815)

X12 Gondor Minas Tirith Warriors - Sealed - Warhammer Lord of the Rings N82

25mm roman era roman - archers 20 infantry - inf (10766)
AD&D TSR Ravenloft ll The House On Gryphon Hill 9181 I10
Warhammer Age Of Sigmar Mighty Lord Of Khorne Painted to high standard


10mm 7YW austrian - regiment 30 figures - inf (35714)
WWG Barbed Wire Defensive Position Painted and Unpainted - Wargames Diorama

25mm napoleonic polish - light 15 figures - inf (35636)

Achtung Cthulhu - Keeper's Guide to the Secret War