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Latest News...

Senator Hise added an amendment to the bill that ensures professionals will be paid by state dollars despite the bill not passing before the original June 1, 2019 deadline.

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Are you missing out on new patients? Does NCPA have your correct mailing address and phone numbers?

Update your NCPA member profile and enroll in our Find a Doctor search today. The NCPA office receives daily calls from people looking for a local psychiatrist. If you are currently accepting referrals, make sure you are enrolled in the search tool and that your practice information is up to date. Login today to update your profile.

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The North Carolina Psychiatric Association is a professional medical organization that represents more than 900 psychiatrists statewide; it is the district branch of the American Psychiatric Association. Members receive many member benefits, including dual membership in the state and national associations.

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Our Find a Doctor search may be able to help you find a new psychiatrist. The psychiatrists listed in this directory are NCPA members who have chosen to submit the information about their practices to this directory. Individual physicians are responsible for the accuracy of this information; NCPA does not make patient referrals.

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