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The ninth iteration of T Sportline’s Limited Edition Tesla Model X “T Largo” program was designed to fly under the radar just as much as it was styled to...

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Plugged In: March Electric Car Sales Scoreboard Wrap-Up Video

While Tesla hasn't matched the delivery numbers they were achieving in Q4 of 2018, we did see a dramatic uptick of US sales as compared to January and February

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In March, Jaguar sold in the U.S. 212 Jaguar I-PACE, which is 5.7% of its total result. Sales during the first quarter amounted to 608, while cumulatively the...

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In March, Almost 5,000 Plug-In Electric Cars Were Sold In The Netherlands

The Netherlands is experiencing another spike in plug-in electric car sales. The number of new plug-in electric car registrations amounted to 4,721 at a high 12...

Watch This Brand New Tesla Model 3 Get Smashed Up: Video

It took just one missed turn and the Tesla Model 3 slid across the slick surface before smashing to a stop. The damage is noticeable, but seems somewhat minor.

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Pininfarina Batista Shows Up With 1,900 HP In London

The Pininfarina Battista is the most powerful road car to ever come out of Italy, eclipsing all efforts from more established car makers...

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These two versions of the Rivian R1S electric SUV are hardcore to the extreme. Just a few tweaks here and there make the R1S look quite mean. See the rendered...

Volkswagen Tests Level 4 Driving Tech on German City Streets

VW is continuing its development of autonomous vehicle technology by deploying five e-Golfs onto the streets of Hamburg, armed with radars and sensors to detect...

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In March, plug-in electric car sales in the U.S. barely increased year-over-year. Let's take a look at the various charts that illustrate the results.

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NIO ES8 Electric SUV Sales In China Increased In March

Sales of the NIO ES8 7-seat all-electric SUV in China increased in March a little bit to 1,373. In this way, the first quarter closed with 3,989 deliveries.

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Both FF and The9 are confident in the outlook of China's new energy mobility industry. The JV's immediate objective is to sell Faraday Future's new brand V9 model.

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FCA and Tesla will form an agreement where the electric car company will receive millions so that its vehicles can be counted with large Jeeps among others, to...